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Mark’s Piano Studio


Mark’s Piano Studio in Chicago, Illinois was established by piano and bassoon teacher, Mark Lindeblad. I have 30 years of teaching experience and more than four decades of experience in playing the bassoon and piano. In addition, I work as a professional bassoonist and a piano accompanist. Over the years I have also provided many events with my solo piano performing.

I received the Bachelor of Music Performance degree, bassoon major, piano minor, from Wichita State University in 1978.  I received the Master's of Music Performance degree in bassoon from Roosevelt University in 1983.  I've been doing piano accompanying since my teenage years. 


Private Lessons

 I teach private lessons (and truly enjoy it) and strive to help my students enjoy lessons. I also make it a point to accompany my students during practices and recitals. If you are interested to enroll in my studio, know that I teach in two locations, both Chicago and Glen Ellyn. Check out my schedule on the Contact Me page.

As an adult convert to the bassoon, I was looking for a teacher who could help me bring my bassoon playing to a higher level. Some musicians are either born to play or to be a teacher. Well, ML can do both exceedingly well. He relates well to both young and old, beginners or advanced or intermediate students. Best of all, as a bassoonist I'm always in need of an accompanist: Mark provides this service.

Carol Hopwood

Mark has been my piano teacher for over 2.5 years. I have had other fine teachers of music in my lifetime, but Mark is exceptional. First, Mark is a gifted musician (just listen to his CD's and you can verify this yourself). Secondly, Mark's knowledge of music never ceases to amaze me - all genres too! Thirdly, Mark is a very patient teacher who is not afraid of taking on even the most difficult of students. That would be me. I had not gone near a piano for 48 years when Mark agreed to take me on as a student - old habits and all! Lastly, I heard that Mark has a very few slots open for new students. If you are someone determined to study music, you would be most fortunate to get into one of those slots.

Celeste Nair